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The Isles of Scilly, a truly special holiday experience

The Isles of Scilly form an archipelago of five inhabited islands and numerous other small islands and rocky islets and lie some 28 miles off Lands End, Cornwall, the southwestern tip of England. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the islands are blessed with a temperate climate being one of the mildest areas in the UK. Steeped in history, five of the islands are inhabited all offering beautiful scenery, golden beaches, wonderful walks, unique archaeology and abundant wildlife. Coupled wiith modern amenities and a diverse range of holiday activities, they offer a relaxing and truly special holiday experience.

St. Mary's Harbour

St. Mary's

The largest of the islands yet covering just two and a half square miles. Hugh Town, the administrative hub of the islands is sandwiched between two sandy bays where shops, banks, pubs, restaurants, cafes, galleries, a museum, a lifeboat station, churches and park are to be found amongst its many services and attractions.

Away from the town, miles of nature trails cross the island revealing pleasant walks amongst contrasting delights of woodland, heath, marshland, sand dunes, rocky headlands and wild flower meadows.

The island offers a diverse choice of outdoor leisure pursuits suited to all ages and abilities including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, cycling, horse riding, golfing, fishing and diving whilst those looking for a more sedate past time can gaze upon the colourful boating activity around the harbour, saunter between local art and craft studios, delve into the history of the islands amongst archaeological sites or marvel at a stunning sunset at the end of a perfect day.

St. Agnes from Gugh

St. Agnes

One of the smaller of the five inhabited islands in the archipelago with a close community, the island is comprised of narrow, wild flower strewn lanes bordering small flower fields and interspersed with granite cottages. The centre of the island is dominated by the old white-washed lighthouse.

Paths wind around the deeply indented coastline from the curving white sand bar between St. Agnes and Gugh and onto the great weathered granite carns on the Wingletang downs to the south.

The islands beaches are safe, clean and very beautiful with panoramic views out west to the bird sanctuary on the island of Annet, the western rocks forming a dramatic background to the Bishop Rock lighthouse on the horizon.

Friday night sees visitors and locals take a trip to watch the islands six oared pilot gig, Shah, race against St. Marys and other off-island gigs, returning to the islands only pub, the Turks Head for welcome refreshment. Homemade ice cream is a speciality at the farm campsite whilst Covean garden cafe serves delicious cream teas not to be missed.

Hell Bay, Bryher


A peaceful and seasonally spectacular island displaying a profusion of colour in Springtime with wild flowers in every hedgerow that contrasts starkly with the winter months which sees its rugged west coast face the full force of the Atlantic gales making Hell Bay (photo, left) an awe-inspiring sight.

Bryher's east coast overlooks the sheltered waters of the narrow channel between Bryher and Tresco, the golden sandy beaches being popular for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and boating.

With three quarters of the island open heathland, walking appeals to the rambler and beachcomber alike. The coastal paths follow the varied shore and the low hills command splendid views of the archipelago.

The islands only hotel has a restaurant and 'pitch and putt' golf course open to non-residents. A newly completed community store together with two cafes and a pub cater for daily visitors whilst home-grown produce is available from roadside farm stalls. Island activities are held at the Bryher Community Centre which also provides pool, table-tennis and other recreational facilities for both residents and visitors.

St. Martins

St. Martins

The third largest of the islands, St. Martins has some of the finest sandy beaches in the archipelago suited to relaxation and safe bathing.

Spectacular walks are available along the cliffs and downs where purple heather and wild flowers abound. Dinghy sailing is popular in the sheltered waters of Highertown Bay whilst secluded coves invite the prospect of rock pool exploration for the younger visitor.

A tennis court and cricket pitch is centered on 'the green' whilst a nearby restaurant serves award winning fish and chips with the occasional accompaniment of folk music and country dance.

The island is home to the most southwesterly vineyard in the British Isles whith hosted tours and tasting sessions throughout the season. With two artist galleries, a silver jewellery workshop, a tea room, a pub, a bakery, local farm produce, plants and bulbs available in season from roadside stalls, the island offers something for everyone.



Tresco is the second largest of the islands, with an amazing variety of scenery from the wild and wind-swept heather strewn north to the numerous fine sandy bathing beaches in the south. Great Pool is excellent for bird watching and there are some spectacular beaches along the way including Pentle Bay, Apple Tree Bay and Green Porth at Old Grimsby which is overlooked by the ancient granite Block House.

Unmissable is the world famous 'Abbey Gardens' renowned for it's collection of sub-tropical flora and fauna.

There are very few vehicles on the island and daily bicycle hire is available adjacent to the islands modern food store. The New Inn is the island's only pub and a popular venue for musical performances. The island is a great place for relaxing but it is also a very active community with a long sporting tradition. In partnership with the neighbouring island of Bryher, Tresco maintains competitive gig crews, a cricket team and a table tennis club.

What To See

Atlantic Grey seal

Golden beaches, azure seas, stunning scenery, unique wildlife, exotic gardens, historical sites. There's lots to see.

Scilly has it all .... What To See.


Kayaking on Thomas Porth

Walking, cycling, boating, swimming, kayaking, sailing, horse riding, golfing, indoor sports. There's plenty to do.

Get Active on Scilly ... Activities

Eating In or Out

Island Meals

Dine in using our well equipped Kitchen-diner, go alfresco in the garden or visit the friendly local pubs, restaraunts and cafes.

Taste Scilly.... Eating In or Out